The Gallatin Range


The Gallatin Range has been a source of contention for many years. Legislation, land swaps, advancing science, travel planning, growing population and lawsuits have led to our current state. The Gallatin Range contains the Hyalite Porcupine Buffalo Horn WSA (HPBHWSA, how's that for an acronym!). It is the source of most of Bozeman's drinking water, part of the intact Greater  Yellowstone Ecosystem and a priceless recreation resource for mountain bikers and many others.


Starting in 2015, SWMMBA helped forge the Gallatin Forest Partnership agreement and worked with other groups to come to a solid agreement. SWMMBA supports the Gallatin Forest Partnership recommendations for this region.

The Gallatin Forest Partnership (GFP) brought together community members with a broad range of interests and opinions. Mountain bikers, hunters, Wilderness advocates, outfitters, local business owners, and others sat shoulder to shoulder working on a solution based on shared values, policy, science and access. This agreement provides broadly supported suggestions for this forest plan and would continue through future planning and the legislative process to finally resolve this area.

What You Should Do

Check out the agreement (button below), endorse on the GFP website, and comment on the forest plan revision.

GFP region alt C.JPG