Commenting How-To


Below are the specifics that we feel are the most important for maintaining or improving MTB access to public land in SWMMBA's region. This page creates an excellent jumping off point for making an impactful Forest Planning comment. The Forest Service highly values unique, original comments that include a rationale, a personal touch, and/or personal connection. This process is not a vote for an alternative. Tell the Forest Service what you value about the land and why, rather than focusing on an alternative as a package. Click the button below to submit your comment or continue reading.

Key Info:

  • Comments due by June 5, 2019

  • If possible, draft and save your comment in a word processor such as Google Docs or MS Word

  • Go to the comment portal, scroll down, fill out the required fields and write or paste your comment. You can also attach it using a common file type such as .doc, .jpg or .pdf

Support the Gallatin Forest Partnership agreement

This is a broadly supported agreement that SWMMBA and other groups spent a long time developing for the Gallatin Range and parts of the Madison Range. The agreement deals with everything from trails to wilderness to invasive weeds. If you support the agreement, it is not necessary to reiterate each detail as it pertains to the forest plan. If there is a particular aspect of the agreement or area with which you have a personal connection, it will improve the value of your comment to include details about that connection.

Support continued bicycle access to Lionhead

SWMMBA believes that managing this valuable area as a Backcountry Area (BCA) as described in Alternative E is best. The Backcountry Area is the most consistent method to keep things the way they are now, maintaining bike access. Other alternatives leave part or all of Lionhead closed to “mechanized travel” like mountain biking. We value the rugged, remote, natural feel and do not feel that we degrade it in any way by simply riding a bicycle there. If anything, mountain bikers have left it better than we found it, volunteering thousands of hours of trail work over the years.

Continue to manage Recommended Wilderness Areas to allow bicycles

Outside of the Gallatin Forest Partnership Agreement Area, we believe managing these areas to exclude bikes (described in alternatives C and D) is unacceptable and could remove our preferred way of accessing an enormous portion of the forest. Alternative D would make many new Recommended Wilderness Areas and remove bicycles from hundreds of miles of trails across the Forest. Specifically, 256 miles of trails currently available to bikes, plus 172 which we share with motorized, plus any rides that become shortened to the point of no use. This would include trails such as Sypes, Truman, Middle Cottonwood, South Cottonwood, Mystical Bear and more. This would concentrate use in front country areas and degrade the experiences of cyclists and other recreationists alike. SWMMBA believes that Bikes Belong, let the Forest Service know you do too.

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